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Clients sometimes ask to include pets in their family and newborn sessions. My answer to this is always YES YES YES! I love animals and I know they’re a part of your family. But let’s discuss the pros and cons.

One of the unique aspects of in-home family portraits is no two sessions are alike. While I often see photos of my clients’ homes prior to arriving for their session, I really have no idea until I get there what the space will be like or how much light we’ll actually have to work with. […]

In-home newborn sessions may just be my favorite type of family portrait session. Visiting families in the midst of such a big transition — it’s just a very special and raw time. I’ve had clients ask about taking newborn photos outdoors at a park, and I almost always recommend against it. Let’s talk about why. […]

Posing hands

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul but when it comes to family portraits, I disagree — it’s all about the hands. At the beginning of my sessions, I always tell my families, “Always have your hand on someone else.” Whether it’s on someone else’s hand, shoulder, waist, or cheek, I want […]

Random person: What kind of photography do you do?
Me: I’m a lifestyle family photographer.
Random person: *blank stare* huh?

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