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January 8, 2022

My 365 Project (2022)

In 2020 I started and finished a 365 project. When I began, I didn’t realize we were about to enter a global pandemic, and I never dreamed then that we would still be struggling with it in 2022. But here we are. I learned so much from my 2020 365 project and I have photos from that year that I’ll treasure forever. But for 2021, I needed a break. And my kids needed a break from their crazy mom always having the camera.

But guess what!? I’m baaaaaaaack 😜 I’m doing another 365 project! But this time I want to be a bit more relaxed about it. In 2020, I really challenged myself to take a photo every single day no matter what. Even when I didn’t feel inspired. There’s definitely value in digging that deep creatively for a whole year. But this year, I want to allow myself more freedom to have more fun with it, so it can take shape organically and not because I OMG have to take a photo every. single. day.

So, I’m broadening the scope of this project so it isn’t focused solely on my family. I’m always drawn to photographing people but I want to focus on the things in my environment as well. Things that I maybe wasn’t noticing before because I was looking at the people. And instead of posting a photo a day, I’m going to post ALL the good photos I take each week (excluding client work). I think this will actually result in a greater number of good photos because I’ll be ebbing and flowing with my creativity rather than forcing it. I can’t wait to see what the year brings . . . It can only get better, right? Pretty sure I said that at the end of 2020 too.

January 1 -7

January 8-14




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