It may seem surprising, but much of the labor that goes into the work of being a portrait photographer is the editing. Taking the photo is only the beginning. For each hour of taking photos during a typical client session, there is probably 7-10 hours of editing to achieve my aesthetic. Editing is time consuming […]

Editing Before & After — Skin Tones & Warmth in an In-Home Newborn Session

Knowledge of photo editing is super important for newborn photographers

Let’s discuss why the 2 month+ stage is so great for newborn photos!

The Many Advantages of Taking Newborn Photos at 2+ Months Old

New York City newborn with parents at home

I and my family are vegetarian, and both of my kids are picky eaters. Dealing with everyone’s dietary needs is a big challenge when we travel. One solution is to rent an airbnb and cook for ourselves, but since I do most of the cooking, this ends up not feeling like a vacation for me. […]

Food Photography — My Amazing Vegetarian Vacation at Palmaïa


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Guest Post by Adobe — Invest In Your Family’s Legacy With Professional Photography

One piece of creative advice I’ve received along the way is to draw inspiration not just from other photographers but from creative fields outside of photography. For me, one source of inspiration is music, and one of my favorite musicians is Ben Folds. You may know him from Ben Folds Five, creator of songs like Brick and Song for the Dumped. Definitely look at his live performances on YouTube. I’ve never seen anyone play a piano like that!

Book Rec — “A Dream About Lightning Bugs: A Life of Music and Cheap Lessons” by Ben Folds

Ben Folds Book

The opportunity to photograph twins is special and doesn’t happen that often! Twins double the cuteness but they also require special consideration and organization. I’m going to give you my best tips below to prep for your next twin newborn session.

My Best Tips for Your Next Twin Newborn Session

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