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The opportunity to photograph twins is special and doesn’t happen that often! Twins double the cuteness but they also require special consideration and organization. I’m going to give you my best tips below to prep for your next twin newborn session.

Most photographers say that getting the shot right in camera is important, and I agree! But I would add that the editing process is just as important. I love photo editing, and I’ve spent literally years mastering Photoshop. I thought it would be fun to show a before and after of a photo from a […]

Clients sometimes ask to include pets in their family and newborn sessions. My answer to this is always YES YES YES! I love animals and I know they’re a part of your family. But let’s discuss the pros and cons.

One of the unique aspects of in-home family portraits is no two sessions are alike. While I often see photos of my clients’ homes prior to arriving for their session, I really have no idea until I get there what the space will be like or how much light we’ll actually have to work with. […]

west village engagement session nyc 6

Although most of my work is family and newborn photography, I sometimes get asked to do other kinds of work, and I love it! It might be aerial photography or product photography, but I find that having a little bit of variety is refreshing and it gives me new ideas for my family and newborn […]

Best Year Ever Flatlay

My 365 Project (2022)

January 8, 2022

In 2020 I started and finished a 365 project. When I began, I didn’t realize we were about to enter a global pandemic, and I never dreamed then that we would still be struggling with it in 2022. But here we are. I learned so much from my 2020 365 project and I have photos […]

In-home newborn sessions may just be my favorite type of family portrait session. Visiting families in the midst of such a big transition — it’s just a very special and raw time. I’ve had clients ask about taking newborn photos outdoors at a park, and I almost always recommend against it. Let’s talk about why. […]

Confession — even though I live in NYC, I usually don’t seek out “landmark” spots for family portraits. The main thing I’m interested in capturing is the family connection, and the location is really just the background. I mean, I’m not averse to shooting someplace epic, but I’m usually more concerned about making sure my […]

gallery wall

I’m a big advocate of printing and framing photos. There’s just something magical about having tangible prints to frame and display, rather than just viewing images on a digital device. And did you know that displaying family photos at home has been shown to boost children’s self esteem? I love the whole process — deciding […]

When I started my 365 project on January 1, 2020, I really had no strategy for success, and I didn’t know what to expect. But I was highly motivated to succeed. Other photographers I admire had recommended this project as a way to grow creatively, and I was inspired by Ashley Marston and Chloè Rosser, […]

Posing hands

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul but when it comes to family portraits, I disagree — it’s all about the hands. At the beginning of my sessions, I always tell my families, “Always have your hand on someone else.” Whether it’s on someone else’s hand, shoulder, waist, or cheek, I want […]

I’ve almost made it to 100 days — something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do. Having come this far in my 365 Project, I wanted to share my tips and what’s worked for me so far. Helpful Accessories/Gear You probably already know that to succeed in a 365 project, you’ll want to have […]

My 365 Project (2020)

January 1, 2020

One photo every day for a year. But why? The main reason is that time is passing by quickly; my kids are growing up. My youngest is 3 and before long, she’ll be in school full time like her 6-year-old brother. This is such a magical time for them. I want to document this year […]

Random person: What kind of photography do you do?
Me: I’m a lifestyle family photographer.
Random person: *blank stare* huh?

Father’s Day is just a few days away! What have you got planned? For my husband’s first Father’s Day, I made him an album of photos of him with our son. Somehow it became a tradition — 5 years running now. The albums are for my husband, but I love that we have them for […]

A wise person on the internet once said, “It’s the journey — not the destination — that matters.” My 5-year-old son is obsessed with the New York City subway, and he takes this inspirational quote literally. When I became a parent I expected many things. I expected to change diapers. I expected to be thrown […]

what to wear for family portraits

One of the unexpected joys I’ve experienced since becoming a parent is how much fun I have dressing my kids. I mean not actually getting them dressed — that part can be a PITA. But buying nice clothes for them and enjoying how cute they look in their outfits — that part has been fun. […]

In January I entered the 2019 Shoot & Share Photo Contest. This is actually the first photography competition I’ve ever entered. And I didn’t really plan to enter it. But everyone else was doing it so . . . The night before the deadline I just decided to go for it. I was all casual […]

One way that I love to challenge myself and keep things interesting is through personal photography projects. Over the years, my personal projects have included shooting vintage Vespa scooters, vintage Fiat 500’s, Coney Island landmarks, self-portraits, and the Empire State Building. And I don’t consider any of these projects to be “over.” They just temporarily […]

Kids riding scooters in Brooklyn

I love living in NYC, but when I see the amazing landscapes that photographers in other parts of the county get to shoot, I admit I’m a little jealous.  I would so love to shoot my clients against a backdrop of mountains, or a redwood forest, or a field of bluebonnets. On the other hand, […]

I’m not going to lie. Taking this group self-portrait of my family for our holiday card was really f*cking hard! Wrangling my kids and my complaining husband — sometimes I wonder why I bother. It’s stressful and difficult and annoying, which is ironic because we look so happy in the photo, right? Gotta perpetuate the […]

My kids have photographer’s child syndrome in a big way. As soon as they see my camera they start yelling “no pictures!” It sucks, because I want to photograph them all the time. My dad was a photographer and I was the same way as a child, so I get it. I try to respect […]

As a family portrait photographer, it probably goes without saying that I take photos of my own kids. Lots of photos. To the point that when my kids see me with my camera they reflexively shout “No pictures!” Sorry kids! But, taking photos of my kids is not the same thing as taking photos of […]

I love self-portraits, but I don’t usually like photos of myself.  Makes no sense, right?  I guess it’s because when no one is around for me to photograph there is always . . . me.  And I believe in practicing what I preach.  I want my kids to have photos of me during this time, […]

It’s that time of year again!  Family portrait season.  Although most people have the good sense to hire a photographer for this, there is a small subset of crazy and/or masochistic people who want to take their own family portrait.  Maybe you like a challenge.  Or you want to save some money by doing it […]

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